Kyselivka is a small village between Kherson and Nikolaev in the South of Ukraine, not far away from the Black Sea.
Village People sell their products ( mostly vegetables, sometimes fishes ) on the street to Kherson.
I tried to speak with this "babushka " who laughed a lot when asking where I am from. As I did not buy anything , she wanted to make some deal however. She saw that I took some photos of the beautiful horse near the street. 
" you can take as many photos as you want from us " , she told , "but the horse is so beautiful and it wishes a bit money :-) I gave her 2 Euros and she was happy :-)
All these people were really kind :-)
The man asked about my car , a white NIssan Juke that they all admired :-)
The horse who costed me 2 Euros :-)
The fields and the sky is really wide in South Ukraine .....
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