In Ukraine many couples are married in a "wedding Agency". These agencies provide the whole ceremony with food , music and "what you want ".This is the daughter of the owner of the "Wedding Agency" , she is waiting for "Lena and Sasha".
The family is waiting .......
on the one side Family of the Husband, On the other site Family of the Bride.....
Common friend Roman "dances in "
his compaignon comes in as "Model "
then appears a little angel :-)
AND Now its Lenochkaaaaaaaaaaaa with her Papa ......
at the right you can see the "wedding Master"
mmmmmh nice couple :-)
Sasha takes the rings....
...and he write That he takes that sweet Lena for his Wife , oh wow 
of course they kiss now 
Papa and Mama of Lena are crying a bit , although Sasha is a nice man ;-)))
wedding master Prrrreseeeents : The whole Family ( almost )
The witnesses of the Wedding: my friend Roman and ? I forget her name , but she is beautiful :-)
All are going out now into the fresh air......
group photo of the Wedding 
Papa and Lena 
family is waiting during a photoshooting outside.....
mmmmmh thats really sweet Kiss
Family is still waiting , BECAUSE They dont stop kissing ;-)
Now they discovered a nice green cat somewhere
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